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Nichola is an award-winning writer-director of mixed British-Chinese heritage from Liverpool. 


She is a Sundance Fellow, graduate of the prestigious NFTS Directors Workshop and has been named as an emerging filmmaker by BAFTA. Her 1st TV pilot won All3 Media’s New Drama Script award at Edinburgh TV Festival and was one of eight out of 3000+ projects to be selected for the Sundance Episodic Lab.


Her short films have screened at film festivals all around the world, as well as on Hulu, US broadcast TV (FX, Freeform), and Film 4/All4. She is currently developing various TV ideas and her 1st feature film with Ardimages


She has just directed a block of Hollyoaks and also directs 2nd unit on high-end TV shows. 


Nichola gravitates toward emotionally heightened narratives that place characters in extraordinary situations. She loves to create content that prompts action, offers insight into characters' closeted inner lives, and gives audiences rare glimpses into other worlds. 

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